About me

Tech lover and mentor

Love to build and fix things

Developer advocate

Youtuber and web3 developer

My journey as a developer

This is where I fell in love with programming!

I was 14 when I had the first taste of programming with VisualBasic 6!


This is where I launched my very first website with my brother. It was an information website for Tehran’s restaurant and in less than a year we had 4k unique visitors per day.

Also I started my first work as an Intern in a company founded by 2 students of my university. I learnt what it means to work in a  professional environments with other professionals.

I was 2012 when John from trivago wrote me and asked if I want to join trivago. In 2013 I finally decided to join them and since the location of the office wasn’t decided yet we had to work for 9 weeks in Dusseldorf (boy it was cold in those 9 weeks).

Finally trivago decided to have the new office in Palma de Mallorca. In trivago I had lots of different things like fixing bugs in a legacy application, mentoring new comers and deciding the architecture of new applications we developed.

I owe most of my experience to trivago for being a company that courages innovation and learning.

After 5 years in Palma de Mallorca I needed to go to a bigger city (you could walk from one side of Palma to another in 40 minutes).

So I ended up in Barcelona and so far I’ve worked for 4 companies: Broker genius & Ubeeqo, Typeform and currently working in tropee.

For now I’m happy with this city and not planning to move 😊